Australian history

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Location: Black Rock House
Day/time: Thursday 12pm-2pm Weekly
Starts: 8 Feb   Ends: 29 Nov

A romp through Australian History, looking at the good and the bad sides of our history. The main theme of the course is the question, who we as a nation choose to celebrate and why we chose them. What are our myths and why do we believe them. All history is based on earlier histories and world histories as a consequence we also look at Irish/English history and how they have impacted on our country and its people. The last term of the course looks at Australian Art and film. As it is a history class, may I say all donations of Anzac biscuits and pavlovas gratefully accepted.

Sue Bell
Sue has been a tutor at the University of Queensland in Australian Government, Politics and Public Administration and a tutor in Childrens Literature and Schools Librarianship (Adelaide). She has been a librarian at the University of Queensland, public libraries in Melbourne, Adelaide and Cairns. She has helped establish a Womens Community Health Centre (Adelaide) and a Rape Crisis Centre (Cairns) and has a passionate interest in history and culture. Sue has also spent ten years as a comedian and songwriter.

Last updated 3 July 2017