Basic Modern Greek

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Location: Beaumaris Senior Centre
Day/time: Tuesday 1.30pm Weekly
Starts: 13 Feb   Ends: 4 Dec

To navigate in the delight of a meaningful and important classical language and learn the basics of word construction leading into sentence construction through a thorough knowledge of the alphabet and proper phonetic representation of the spoken word. Class style will be very casual with input from the attendees as to content and context keeping in mind that structure in a language that does not demonstrate double meanings will ensure that every letter and every word learnt will duplicate a natural Greek speakers pronunciation. The end result is what people wanted to be, it can start with kindergarten basics and move on to more advanced dialogue and understanding.

Kosta Argeres
Kosta was born in Cairo and migrated to Australia on the first of January 1956. His parents were both Multilingual, in French, Italian, Arabic, English, and Greek The culture shock in the mid 50?s transcending from a cosmopolitan international city to Port Melbourne on that sunny day was indeed severe. As with all children after a few months he became one of the group and enjoyed long and lasting monolingual relationships with friends and new family members. His fascination with language specially Greek considered by all and evidenced in the English dictionary by a plethora of Greek or more suitably applied title of ?Hellenic? words fascinated me for years. The changing and more accepting nature of the community in general and the extra time provided through retirement has provided him with a desire to impart my practical knowledge of teaching to whoever wants to hear.

Last updated 26 June 2018