I Ching – Introduction to the practice of Mindful Divination

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Location: Brighton Courthouse
Day/time: Tuesday 4.30pm-6.30pm Weekly
Starts: 6 Feb   Ends: 27 Mar

Beginners level instruction. Emphasis on practical application of the I Ching process in a workshop setting with group discussion. As homework you will keep an I Ching Journal, recording your personal consultations each day, to share in group discussions the next week. Workshops will include coaching in short mindfulness exercises, and the explanation of I Ching terms and concepts drawing on psychology of the self, and the philosophy of Taoism and spiritual alchemy. What you will gain from this course: greater self awareness; understanding of the Eastern (Taoist) view of the universe through the I Ching; improved access to your own intuitive wisdom and establishment of a mindful divination practice. Please bring pens, a journal or exercise book and 3 identical coins (5c is ideal). If you have an I Ching book already bring to first class. You will need an I Ching book of your own (Cost approx $30) from the second class onward but can get by with FREE online digital throwing of hexagrams if purchasing is a problem (just need internet at home). NB: Several I Ching books will be provided at the first class to help guide you in choosing the sort that suits you before purchasing your own.

Janette Nugent
Janette is a former Physiotherapist with a life long interest in meditation, self development and esoteric systems like I Ching, Numerology and Enneagram. Her experience of practicing self development with the I Ching began in the mid 1980s and she has maintained a journal and participated in various I Ching groups since then. Her other qualifications include ashram training as a Self Inquiry meditation facilitator (during 2013 and 2014).

Last updated 7 February 2018