Introduction to Association Croquet

Course code:  18133
Location: Brighton Croquet Club
Day/time: Thursday 4.30pm – 6pm Weekly
Starts: 25 Oct   Ends: 22 Nov

Croquet is an excellent game for exercising both mind and body.  It can be played as a singles or doubles game, with players using a mallet and ball to negotiate a series of 6 hoops in a set sequence around the lawn.   Brighton Croquet club offers a 5 week course that provides a stimulating introduction to the game on the well maintained lawns at the club.  Located at 6 Bleazby Ave, Brighton, the Club supplies all equipment.  Participants are asked to wear flat soled shoes to avoid damage to the lawns. There is a cost is $5 per session to cover green fees

Ongoing coaching is available to players who would like to consider joining the Club.  There are opportunities to play both social and competitive croquet, as well as entering the Club run competitions and Open Tournament.  Everyone is welcome to come and try.  (

Last updated 1 March 2018