Introduction to the Enneagram

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Location: Beaumaris Senior Centre
Day/time: Thursday 2pm-4pm Weekly
Starts: 19 Jul   Ends: 23 Aug

The Enneagram is an ancient, powerful and dynamic study of personality. It describes nine distinct and fundamental different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. The course will cover the history of the Enneagram and examine the nine basic types of people. The notion of “wings” and “stresspoints” will be explored, as well as directions for growth. Discussion and interaction will form an integral part of the learning experience. Outcomes will include a deeper knowledge and understanding of self and others.

Wendy Mangin
Wendy has recently retired after a long career in education as a teacher and school principal. She has represented Victorian teachers on the (now defunct) Australian Teaching Council and was elected to the executive/. Her interest in the Enneagram arose initially during leadership activities and was followed by attendance and participation in a variety of Enneagram courses such as that offered by the Enneagram Institute of Sydney. She completed the Enneagram Professional Training Program 1 through Enneagram NSW in 2013.

Last updated 13 January 2018