Long-distance walking in France

Course code: 18023
Location: Beaumaris Senior Centre
Day/time: Tuesday 2pm-4pm Weekly
Starts: 6 Feb   Ends: 24 Apr

The RL Stevenson Trail [GR70] and the Chemin de Saint-Jacques du-Puy [GR65] This course is the practical extension of the 10-week program presented in 2016. It will incorporate many of the practical aspects of planning and preparing for the challenge of walking one or more of the very charming and rustic long-distance trails in rural France : the RL Stevenson Trail [GR70] and/or the Chemin de Saint-Jacques du-Puy [GR65]. Through guided activities and collaborative learning tasks and by utilising a range of resources [guidebooks, websites and apps], participants will be actively involved in: – planning daily stages to be walked [kilometres, elevation profile, trail conditions/surface] – assessing the degree of difficulty of individual stages [trail topography] – negotiating rest days as appropriate – identifying suitable accommodation options [type, cost, location/situation] – researching cultural highlights and historical places of interest – physical preparation and training – determining required gear and equipment [what and how to pack] – learning about the day to day practicalities and what to expect along the path – budgeting. Class members will be offered the opportunity [at own expense] to walk sections of one or both of these delightful, UNESCO-listed walking trails over three or more weeks in the northern hemisphere autumn. Expect to do some homework! The program will include guest speakers and a «Pilgrim Panel». A briefing session prior to commencement of the course will provide further details of program content and give participants the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out. Participants should bring to each session: notebook and pencil or pen, iPad or Android tablet, any resource materials or guidebooks that they have already acquired, plastic sleeve or ziplock bag for handout materials

Prerequisites: Enthusiasm! Familiarity with iPad

Bronwen Perry

Last updated 31 October 2017