Mythology & legend, the universal hero

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Location: Black Rock House
Day/time: Thursday 2pm-4pm Weekly
Starts: 8 Feb   Ends: 29 Nov

This is a look at the major mythologies of the western world. We will look at how we read and understand mythology, particularly looking at a psychological understanding of mythology and the reasons the same myths are repeated all over the world. Legends are the myths that are based on human reactions to the world and the need for humankind to create the legends. The course covers Greek, Celtic, Norse, Babylonian myths and many others. This course includes the archaeological and historical evidence of how and why the myths exist. So many pieces of art and literature reference mythology and this course will help you understand the meanings and symbols in our lives.

Sue Bell

Sue has been a tutor at the University of Queensland in Australian Government, Politics and Public Administration and a tutor in Children’s Literature and Schools Librarianship (Adelaide). She has been a librarian at the University of Queensland, public libraries in Melbourne, Adelaide and Cairns. She has helped establish a Women’s Community Health Centre (Adelaide) and a Rape Crisis Centre (Cairns) and has a passionate interest in history and culture. Sue has also spent ten years as a comedian and songwriter.

Last updated 3 July 2017