Roots, Rock & Reggae

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Location: Private Home
Day/time: Wednesday 1.30pm-3.30pm Weekly
Starts: 18 Apr   Ends: 13 Jun

From the Juke Joints of the Delta to the stadiums of today, music has taken us on a journey from simple folk music to complex audio and visual extravaganzas. The music and musicians from the 50s and 60s, playing the small clubs of Liverpool, Chicago and New Orleans is still influencing the music of today. A wonderful era of Skiffle, Jazz, Blues, Gospel and Rock and Roll has created the soundtrack of our lives.

Trevor Searle
Like most ‘Baby Boomers’ Trevor got interested in music by listening to a Bakelite radio in the late 50s. This era was very pop orientated and enjoyable but lacked substance with the exception of Elvis and Buddy Holly. Then came the Beatles and everything changed and he hasn’t recovered. To know that the groups from England were performing songs written by black musicians like Chuck Berry. Howling Wolf and Bo Diddley sent him on many enjoyable tangents. And to think these musicians were totally unknown to middle white America is sad. Following the British invasion his tastes expanded into Delta /Chicago Blues, Americana, Tex Mex, Gospel and much to his surprise Country and Western.

Last updated 30 October 2017