Snooker for Sheilas or Billiards for Broads

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Location: Highett Neighbourhood House
Day/time: Thursday 10am Weekly
Starts: 8 Feb   Ends: 13 Dec

Have you ever wanted to play Billiards or Snooker but felt it was a male domain Not any more. This session is for the ladies.. Games are played in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with the participants having fun in a convivial, social setting. No prior experience necessary, we are all learners and we help each other get to know the rules and hone our skills. All equipment is provided. Note there is $2 equipment charge, including morning tea. The address is Highett Neighbourhood House at 2 Livingston St Highett, 10am to 12 Noon.

Geraldine Colson

Geri has never learnt billiards or snooker, but always wanted to have a go. When she found that the billiard table at Highett Community Centre was rarely used, it seemed like a good idea to see if others would like to join in and start a ladies snooker group. Her background is in social work and psychology. She is now a painter and writer and curious about many things, including learning to play snooker well!

Last updated 7 February 2018