The Yellow Peril

Course code: 18145
Location: Beaumaris Seniors Centre
Day/time: Wednesday 10am-11am Weekly
Starts: 24 Oct   Ends: 21 Nov

Origins of the concept of the Yellow Peril using American Magazines to understand Japan and her relationship with China and the Western Powers leading to 1941.

This is a journey from 500 A.D. to 1941 with the underlying theme of the Yellow Peril shaping European perceptions over the centuries. There are five sessions. Session 1 discusses the origins of the concept of the Yellow Peril and how the colour ‘yellow’ became important. Session 2 discuss Japan from the Tokugawan era through its modernisation and military development to the disappointment for Japan of the 1918 Treaty of Versailles. Session 3 discusses the development of Japan’s empire especially in Taiwan and Korea, and the role of the USA. Session 4 discusses Chinese and Japanese emigration to The USA and elsewhere and the impact of this and Japanese commercial activity on public opinion. Session 5 concludes with a discussion on the importance of American Magazines during the 1920’s and 1930’s in the formation of public and elite opinions. Then the role of these Magazines the events leading to Pearl Harbour, and the significance of The Yellow Peril concept after Pearl Harbour in 1941.

Tony Georgeson

Last updated 21 June 2018