Balance and Bones – Tuesday

Course code: 19035
Location: Beaumaris Senior Centre
Day/time:  Tuesday 9am Weekly
Starts: 5-Feb  Ends: 10-Dec

This class is designed to improve muscle strength mobility and flexibility of joints, strengthen bones, improve balance, improve posture, to reduce the potential to fall and enhance well being. We do approximately 35 minutes of exercises using light weights followed by a balance exercise component, stretching of all muscle groups and relaxation.

Participants should wear well-supporting shoes and non-constricting clothes.

Helene Redding
Helene is a physiotherapist who worked with a range of clients including the well older person.

In 1999 Helene started a highly successful Balance and Bones program at Caulfield Hospital where she was working at the time,. This program is still offered there. Helene has won an award from the Council of the Ageing as best Balance and Bones Instructor.

Her interest sprang from the fact that her bone density was low. She has reversed this now. Helene has taken U3A classes for 5 years.

Last updated 3 November 2018