Chair Yoga

Course code: 19075
Location: Beaumaris Community Centre
Day/time:  Tuesday 2.30pm Weekly
Starts: 5-Feb  Ends: 10-Dec

This is a Hatha Yoga class of gentle stretching exercises, breathing techniques and relaxation practice.  Throughout each session the yoga asana (postures) are explored with emphasis upon their benefits and their safe and appropriate practice. You will learn traditional yoga pranayama (breathing techniques) that remind the body how to breathe deeply and effectively and which help to improve energy levels, calm the mind and improve sleep.

During Chair Yoga sessions participants perform standing asanas (stretches, holds and balances) holding a chair for support. Students will be comfortably seated for the Pranayama (breathing techniques) and seated for the long guided meditation to conclude.

Beginners are welcome.

Judith Vennell
A teacher of Hatha Yoga for many years, Judith holds a Diploma of  Yoga Teaching and is a member of the Australian Federation of Yoga Teachers. In these classes she warmly invites you to experience movement,  breath and mindfulness to understand and expand your  capabilities and potential in body, mind and spirit.

Last updated 3 November 2018