Eastern Mahjong for beginners

Course code: 19062
Location: Highett Neighbourhood House
Day/time:  Monday 10am-12pm Weekly
Starts: 11-Feb  Ends: 18-Mar

Course code: 19063
Location: Highett Neighbouthood House
Day/time:  Monday 10am-12pm Weekly
Starts: 7-Oct  Ends: 4-Nov

Mahjong has been played since time immemorial, all over the East with differing villages having slightly different “rules” and nuances of language. Instruction books translated from Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and Hong Kong have slightly differing rules. This course is to be a generic introduction to the world of ‘twittering the tiles’, ‘building the wall’ and playing with strategy so that participants will gain the basics of the game and be able to go on to develop further skills. No prior experience necessary – in fact it may be a hindrance to unlearn. Class is small and instruction as personal as possible. Mahjong tiles supplied.

Lesley Bawden
Lesley has been involved in playing Mahjong for more than 5 years. Her current occupation is as a Funeral Celebrant. She has been involved in education since the early sixties, having worked in schools, special schools and universities; lecturing and teaching in a variety of fields. She has a great sense of humour and hopes participants will laugh too as they master a great recreational occupation.

Qualifications include Bachelor of Special Education, Diploma of Art & Design majoring in ceramics, Trained Infant Teacher and Primary Teacher, among other bits of paper with seals and badges for those who require them.

Last updated 3 November 2018