Genetic Genealogy  –  What can your DNA tell you?

Course code: 19055
Location: Brighton Courthouse
Day/time:  Tuesday 2.15pm Weekly
Starts: 23 Apr  Ends: 7-May

The DNA ‘craze’ for genealogists began in 1997 and seems to have become almost a ‘must do’ if you are interested in tracing you ancestors. We will explore how and why DNA studies contribute to genealogy and look at when and how they can be used in building your own family tree. This will be demonstrated using real results and should enable you to decide whether or not participation in a DNA study would be worthwhile for you.

Jan Brasch
After completing a BSc Jan was the first Biologist employed at the Kew Children’s Cottages where she began her career performing chromosome studies of the children and trialling the first test developed to detect a metabolic disorder in newborns.(1963 -1965). Then after almost 10 years raising her own children she returned to part time study which led to research and an MSc in Genetics. In 1989 she joined the staff of Melbourne’s first DNA laboratory set up to diagnose genetic disease. Rapid advances in technology and exponential growth of genetic knowledge resulted in an exciting and challenging career until she fully retired in 2009.

She has also been collecting and collating information about her ancestors and those of her husband over many years.

Last updated 4 November 2018