Mindfulness Meditation

Course code: 19031
Location: Brighton Courthouse
Day/time:  Friday 2pm-4pm Weekly
Starts: 9-Feb  Ends: 5-Apr

Course code: 19032
Location: Brighton Courthouse
Day/time:  Friday 2pm-4pm Weekly
Starts: 11-Oct  Ends: 13-Dec

Mindfulness Meditation allows us to bring our personal consciousness into the present and encourages us to have a non-judgemental focus on life as we  experience it. Meditation brings with it  the fullest and most heightened experience. The course teaches the tenets of mindfulness in a secular manner as a means of reducing stress and developing new approach to life.  Students are taught various methods of meditation, focus and breathing, and in-class practice will comprise approximately 50% + of course time. Homework meditation and training exercises will be set and participants encouraged to report on their experiences. STUDENTS SHOULD BE PREPARED TO MEDITATE AT HOME FOR AT LEAST 20-30 MINUTES DAILY DURING THE COURSE – and forever! Please do not enrol in this course if you are not prepared to change your daily routine.

Participants will wear loose comfortable clothing, be able to sit (chair, floor or bench) for a reasonable period, and, if sitting on the floor, bring a firm thick cushion, a meditation bench, a blanket and/or rubber mat. Students of earlier MM courses are welcome to refresh and extend their practice. This is a serious course with a definite outcome in mind on its conclusion – a radical change of outlook and performance. The meditation is a means to a mindful life.

Participants  must be prepared to meditate at home and make changes in their routine to do so. Prospective participants may be contacted  with a view to assessing their commitment and suitability for the course.

Prerequisites: Participants will need to be able to sit erect on a floor yoga mat (prefered) or in a chair for at least 15-20 minutes at a time. Preferably, students will have had some exposure to meditation and the appropriate mind-set.

Stephen Le Page
Stephen has been a personal practitioner of yoga ( all formats/styles ) for 50+ years; of Zazen ( Zen Buddhism meditation) for 40+ years; and of other forms of meditation for almost as long.

Last updated 3 November 2018