Museum masterpieces – The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Day/time:  Tuesday 1.30pm Weekly
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No other museum covers the history of humanity and its achievements as thoroughly as The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Professor Richard Brettell believes that The Metropolitan Museum of Art is not just the greatest art museum in America, but that it is also the most complete encyclopedic art museum on the planet, rivalled only by the Louvre in Paris and the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, whose collections have significant gaps by comparison.Professor Brettell takes you through The Metropolitan Museum of Art from front to back, from bottom to top, introducing practically every department in the museum. Each is a museum unto its own, representing one of the world’s finest collections in its field.

Patricia Armstrong-Grant
Patricia is an art lover and a long-time member of the Felton Society and the NGV Victoria.

Last updated 3 November 2018