Qigong for health

Course code: 19071
Location: Beaumaris Community Centre
Day/time:  Tuesday 8.45am Weekly
Starts: 5-Feb  Ends: 3-DEc

A term will cover the learning and practice of one health qigong routine (composed of a number of movements). A class will combine different components:

~ introduction of concepts

~ learning of movement/repetition/quieting the mind and breathing

~ practice of the dynamic routine with keys to relaxation and tranquillity

~ open discussion with participants when required (as mental activity is a major component)

~class summary and static meditation

Qigong practice helps to provide: physical exercises, relaxation, meditation, improved balance, greater flexibility, strengthened muscles, reduction of stress levels, coordination skills, positive thinking, regulatory effects on body, breath & emotions.

Participants should wear loose clothes, preferably in natural fabric, comfortable shoes (no bare feet, no socks on ground), preferably no jewellery that could be caught in the way/in a move.

Anna Wonneberger

Last updated 3 November 2018