Soul Yoga – Therapeutic Yoga, Relaxation, Meditation, Oneness Soul Healing

Course code: 19067
Location: Brighton Courthouse
Day/time:  Friday 10.30am Weekly
Starts: 1-Feb  Ends: 13-Dec

This is an ongoing class incorporating the principles of SOUL Healing for Health and Happiness, Healthy Happy Spine, Healthy Happy Hips, Healthy Happy Neck, Healthy Happy Knees, Healthy Happy Consciousness! As a senior yoga teacher with over 30 years experience in the yoga and healing fields  –  Nivedita is happy to offer a 1-hour class which incorporates all of the above in small segments, allowing you to leave the class feeling energized, invigorated, happy and healthy.   Bring an open mind and soul and enjoy the experience of the class. Commit to the weekly sessions (you deserve to experience the yoga for you!)  –  practice gives the results yoga brings  –  for inner health, happiness and harmony in soul, heart, mind and body.  Note** This is not the usual yoga class and may not suit you -it is an extremely gentle class with the emphasis on loving your body with small slow movements, being in a state of awareness and being kind to yourself.

Bring a yoga mat or Pilates mat, a blanket and a cushion, and Water.

Prerequisites: Anyone with health conditions needs to let Nivedita know prior to commencement of Terms.

Nivedita Saraswati-Turner
My name is Nivedita and I am a Soul Healer( In 1979 I trained as a Yoga Teacher in Fremantle, Western Australia. I continued teachings for many years, mostly in private venues and later in Retirement Villages where I taught yoga to a number of aged Students, some even 100 years old. I have studied for many years in diverse fields of healing. Yoga Therapy was always one of my passions ~ I love teaching gentle yoga with awareness and this is what I offer to you along with various powerful Soul Healing techniques for health and happiness. I welcome you to my class with an open heart and soul.

Last updated 3 November 2018