Tai Chi Thursday – Brighton

Course code: 19142
Location: Brighton Courthouse
Day/time:  Thursday 8 am Weekly
Starts: 7-Feb  Ends: 28-Nov

Classes will start with a warm up exercise, follow a Tai Chi for Health program  and include more forms as we progress, ending with a cool down exercise. We will ensure the safety of the participants, working on their interests and their individual ability levels. We will try to have fun, and generally finish our sessions with a cuppa together either at the club or at  a local cafe.

Eleonora Vlachos
Eleonora has  been actively attending Tai Chi classes for about ten years and is a certified Tai Chi Instructor.

She started with Tai Chi for Health Program provided by Dr.Paul Lam who is a physician and Tai Chi Master in Sydney. Working with a group of Tai Chi and Medical experts in 1997 he developed Tai Chi for Health Program. Numerous Arthritis Foundations and organizations from around the world support this program. There have been a number of research studies completed that have shown that this program is effective and safe. Recently Eleonora spent a month in China for intensive Tai Chi training with world renowned masters.

Last updated 5 November 2018