Tai Chi Wednesday

Course code: 19134
Location: Brighton Courthouse
Day/time:  Wednesday 10am Weekly
Starts: 6-Feb  Ends: 27-Jun

Tai chi has the unique effect of enhancing one’s health, strength, energy, flexibility and balance. It originated some 800 years ago from the ancient Chinese wisdom encompassing the dynamic balance of nature’s “Yin” and “Yang”.

Tia Chi requires you NOT to exert your force but to relax all your body and limbs. Tai Chi core practice demonstrates exceptional smooth and perfect body coordination. Energy circulates effectively throughout the body without rigorous physical exercise. With more oxygen supplied to the tissues you will set in and sustain a state of natural health and a great peace of mind.

Norman Chong
Norman has some 30+ years of practising Tai Chi. He has learned from 2 grandmasters. Firstly the world famous Master Wang Yen Nian of Taiwan who was late president of Taiwan National Tai Chi Association. Secondly, Master Ji who is the current vice-president of Tai Chi Push Hand Association of China Suzhou. Norman won the silver medal in the 2014 WTQA (Wushu Tai Chi Qigong Australia) competition for Yang Style Traditional Tai Chi Quan, and a gold medal at 2015 WTQA competition for Tai Chi Push Hand category.

Last updated 4 November 2018