Tao Science, Spirituality and Love

Course code: 19068
Location: Beaumaris Senior Centre
Day/time:    TBA Fortnightly
Starts: TBA  Ends: TBA

Upcoming Book Study and Practice.

Expressions of interest are invited for discussion and practice.  The books required are

1. ” Tao Science – The Science, Wisdom, and Practice of Creation and Grand Unification” ( Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha & Dr.Rulin Xiu)

2. “Divine Love – Divine Reveals How To Receive Divine Love, Abundance, Wisdom, Bless and Beauty” (Master Rulin Xiu, Ph.D)

These can be obtained on Amazon.com both in hardback cover and on Kindle

Nivedita Saraswati-Turner

Lat updated 8 November 2018