Ukulele for beginners

Course code: 19086
Location: Brighton Senior Centre
Day/time:  Wednesday 2pm Weekly
Starts: 6-Feb  Ends: 3 Apr

An introduction to the ukulele.

+ Selecting and purchasing your first ukulele

+Tuning, strumming techniques and simple chords

+ Instruction and assistance with learning how to play up to 20 songs and 12 chords from course notes.

Prerequisites: Students will be required to provide their own ukulele. If you do not already own one, the best time to purchase is after the first lesson (approx cost $30 – $90)

Paul Wadeson
Paul is a retired electrical engineer. He played bass guitar in a rock band in the 1960s and still enjoys playing guitar, bass guitar, harmonica and ukulele. Paul strongly believes that it is never too late to begin or resume playing a musical instrument.

Last updated 4 November 2018