Wine Appreciation – 2nd Thursday

Course code: 19009
Location: Beaumaris Senior Centre
Day/time:  Thursday 7.30pm Monthly
Starts: 14-Feb  Ends: 12-Dec

A friendly group of people who enjoy tasting various wines. We meet once a month (2nd Thursday) in the evening at a comfortable venue. We are wine lovers, not experts and we look forward to learning about different wines, styles, varieties and regions. No particular knowledge of wine is necessary; all that is required is that you enjoy good wine in friendly company.

Class members take turns in choosing and presenting the wines (and in bringing a plate of nibbles), and are reimbursed for their purchases. The total costs for the night (wine and nibbles) are shared equally by the participants. It is important that participants are prepared to take a turn buying and presenting wines, bringing the nibbles and taking the glasses home for washing. Members are also expected to assist with set up and putting away including other washing and cleaning up.

Tony Aplin, Gail Aplin, Sally Mort

Last updated 3 November 2018