Write your memoirs

Course code: 19056
Location: Black Rock Civic Hall
Day/time:  Tuesday 11am Weekly
Starts: 5-Feb  Ends: 26-Mar

An 8-week program of sessions in which we:

+ Explore what is a memoir, compared to a biography

+ Work out what type of memoir we would (individually) like to leave behind

+ Start to plan the form of our memoir

+ Think about who is our audience  –  immediate family or the broader sphere

+ Decide on the form of our memoir, how is it going to look

+ Work out the printing format and how to publish our memoir

+ Will we include photos and what sort of front page should it have

+ Finalise our project  –  either a short, intimate story for our children  –  or Something more ambitious.

These sessions will not involve critical analysis of writing styles, but will provide a supportive environment in which participants will gain confidence to complete that project which has been tormenting them for years.

Geri Colson
Geri is a retired Social Worker and Psychologist/Counsellor. In retirement she is a portrait painter, sculptor, and writer of short stories and radio plays.

in 2018 she published a memoir she had been working on for years.    She would like to impart the knowledge she has gleaned from the process of formulating her story into something that she hopes is now a readable and interesting book.      She is not an academic, but has completed a number of  writing courses through CAE and TAFE.  She can’t say she has always enjoyed them.   She strongly believes that we are all able to be idiosyncratic tellers of our own stories, and should be encouraged and given opportunity to express ourselves as we wish.

Last updated 4 November 2018