Bayside U3A Festival of Music 3

MONDAY 3 JULY 2017 TO FRIDAY 7 JULY 2017 – 5 DAYS, 2.00–4.00PM
( Behind the Library at 84 Reserve rd. Beaumaris )

The 3rd Festival will be a little different from the previous two. There will be sessions with children in mind (aged between about 5 and 15, I suggest). They will be Young People’s Concerts – American TV shows, hosted by Leonard Bernstein with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Bernstein was a brilliant communicator (and Conductor/Musician). They will appeal to the young at heart – no matter what age. So, please bring your grandchildren along ( & your children if you wish ! ).

We need to know approximately the number of likely attendees, so please register your
interest with the office (Beaumaris or Brighton) preferably indicating which day or days you are likely to attend. This would not be a commitment – just an indication so that we can  plan the seating and catering.



  • VIVALDI– THE FOUR SEASONS – Always popular, this is a spectacular version (filmed in Venice) by Il Giardino Armonico, a superb Italian Orchestra with
    lots of scenes of Venice.
  • – YOUNG PEOPLE’S CONCERT – ‘ What is Classical Music ? ‘ an early Bernstein
    program which should help the young ones not used to Classical Music
    to begin to understand what it’s all about.


  • MOZART Symphony No. 35 ‘Linz’ & BRAHMS Symphony No. 2 –
    The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Carlos Kleiber, filmed
    in Vienna in 1991. Kleiber was one of the finest conductors in the world.
  • -BENJAMIN BRITTEN – ‘The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra’- A 1946
    short film (20 mins) with Sir Malcolm Sargent & the London Symphony Orch.


  • – ‘IN SEARCH OF BEETHOVEN’ – In Festivals 1 & 2, I showed ‘In Search of’
    Haydn & Mozart. This is an equally fine biography with much insight,
    commentary and musical extracts – another ‘must see’.


  • ‘THE PROMISE OF MUSIC’ – An absorbing and inspiring 2007 film of the
    phenomenal Gustavo Dudamel and the Youth Orchestra of Venezuela.
    It shows just what can be done with young people who were mostly street
    kids and have become fine musicians with the right guidance.


  • YOUNG PEOPLE’S CONCERT – ‘ Humour in Music’ another early Bernstein
    program ( Feb. 1959 ). I have not seen these films so I hope that you are
    as excited as I am at the prospect.
    A fitting end to the week, mostly scenes of the Mediterranean accompanied
    by the suitable music of Debussy, Berlioz, Chopin, Ravel & others.

NOTE – On some days the programme may go until 4.30 pm .

Last updated 4 June 2017